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The Free Reed

The Free Reed Festival - RootsWorld's annual accordion festival on the web takes place every June. But any time of the year you can hear great music from arouns the world in the festival archives.

A museum of Asian free reed instruments: The 'free reed' family of instruments has a history far longer than the accordion, and musician Randy Raine-Reusch has created a virtual museum of the Asian instruments that are the earliest members of this musical family.

Hans Palm's Accordion Page - Accordion information, tips and pictures show you what the instrument looks like from the indise out.

Accordions on the Silver Screen - Ever wonder what movie William Hurt played accordion in? What the earliest accordion on film was? This site has the answer.

Center for the Study of Free-reed Instruments - The City University of New York's academic program in free reed music

Concertina.Net - that little box with the big sound. Here's all the info and all the links.

Accordion Links - For more and more links to the web, you can't beat this site managed by Jeroen Nijhof. It's a mini encyclopedia of accordion music and musicians.

Diatonic Accordion Collective of Brittany
An organization dedicated to the continued prosperity of squeezebox music in France. Great articles on history, performance and "how to play" tips galore.

Historical Free Reed Recordings - Haka Widar has a Real Audio version of a different historical song every month, some crazy, some beautiful but all unique.

History Of The Cajun Accordion - Ann Savoy's excellent essay on the Louisiana squeezebox

National Accordion Awareness Month - It's the month of June, and Tom Torriglia is the driving force behind this California initiative.

The Chemnitzer Concertina - Steve Litwin writes about the hsitory and music of Polka's Workhorse.

The Classical Free Reed is a non-profit organization dedicated to the classical uses of the accordion, bayan and other free reed instruments.

Vallenato is an Afro-Caribbean genre from Colombia that has created some of the best accordion players in the world.

Accordion Terminology - the place to go once you get interested enough to learn what a reed block is or how to make a bellows shake.

cdRoots - our own online shop for unusual and hard to find music from around the world includes some of the planet's best accordion music.

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