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"They call us Roma"
From the north of India to the American south, the Roma have traveled the globe and influenced culture. These web sites offer news, art, music and politics from and by the Gypsy people of the world.

Best of the Web:

Patrin Web Journal
Probably the best source for information about Romani Culture and History, written with spirit and intelligence.

"They Call Themselves Roma"
An in-depth look at the Gypsies and their music by Michal Shapiro

"The Dream"
A photographic essay among the Chergari Gypsies in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria by Stacia Spragg

Gypsy Collections at the University of Liverpool - Includes Gypsy Lore Society Archive, and the Scott Macfie Collection
books, manuscripts, prints, photographs, sound recordings and press cuttings.

CD Rom
Gypsy Music CDs from cdRoots

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More recommendation from Rootster

Roma National Congress - The Roma National Congress is an autonomous body, established and run by Roma
Sponsors activities for human rights, schooling, media and the arts

Romani language resources - Glossary, phase book, pronunciation guides

Romano Centro - Cultural and political information for Roma (Gypsies) of Austria
Center to provide cultural, social and legal support to Romani people.

RomNews Network Online - News for Romani (Gypsy) people around the world
The independent news service of the Roma National Congress

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