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fRoots Radio and the Charlie Gillett show are both excellent and interesting looks at all kinds of music from around the world. Both are hosted at Mondomix. Shows are on demand and archived extensively, so there is hours of listening to be had.

RootsWorld Radio - new music from ancient roots
Our very own internet "radio" includes both Real Audio and streaming MP3 editions. Heavy on tradition, but never too shy for a good contemporary groove it the feel is right. Plus, regularly updated special editions for music form Italy, Nordic countries, Spain, the accordion and much more.

Paul Sherratt's Global Jukebox goes from old-timey American stringbands to ear-popping global experiments at a single bound. Always surprising! Part of the larger family of spydaradio.

Hober Radio - Thinking Radio
Real down home acoustic music, non-commercial (well, they will sell you a mug-rug or a ball-cap, but that's about it), and even though you rarely hear a voice, you still get a feeling of real personality.

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