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art: artist: abstact:
Wayne Riggs - Abstract art and photography
American Artist living in Italy Exploring color and light.

art: artist: cartoon:
Bang Pudding - unusual viewpoints

art: artist: cartoon:
Dame Darcy's Paper Doll Fun - interactive cartoon characters
you can dress 'em up and make 'em sing

art: artist: conceptual photography:
Misha Gordin conceptual photography - thought provoking altered realism
Conceptual,imaginary, thought provoking photography.

art: artist: digital:
Chasm - Fractals tweaked in Photoshop.
Fractals imported and post-processed in Photoshop, with unusual results.

art: artist: figurative:
Randolphlee McIver, Figurative Painter, Draughtsman, Sculptor - New contemporary art
figurative artist

art: artist: mixed-media:
Color & Passion, Mixed Media Art of Barr Lewis - Bold, colorful and sensual art.
Vivid colors, bold forms and sensual textures describe Barr's work.

art: artist: oil painting:
Leon Engelen oil paintings - realistic landscape and animal paintings
Photographically detailed landscape and animal oil paintings, using classical techniques.

art: artist: painting:
Figurative Paintings, Drawings, and Sculptures - New figurative art
A new direction in art for the 21st century

art: artist: photo:
CM Studio - Photoart, Digital Photo, Poetry, WebArt
Cindy Malhotra McColgan's Art, PhotoArt, Poetry and more

art: artist: photography:
Tahir Un -

art: artist: photography:
Wandering Body (A Photography site) - Portraits, nudes and graphic forms.
Nude female model in the ruins of XV century monastery

art: artist: Photography:
Walter Beckham | Fine Art Photography - Large Format Chloride Contact Prints
This site serves as an on-line gallery of large format chloride contact prints.

art: artist: sculpture:
Brant Kingman - sculpture, paintings, stories by Brant Kingman
A multi-lingual compilation: sculpture, paintings and writings by Brant Kingman.

art: artist: web:
DuroTheThird - Online artist's work IS the web
I established this website to unleash my full wrath upon the internet... Graffiti is my only graphical persona of my true self - DUROTHETHIRD

art: artist:
Clinton-Garafono - Selected works and texts
Selected works and texts

art: artist:
Helen Glazer, Artist - Artwork by Helen Glazer
Murals, sculptural reliefs, paintings and works on paper.

art: artist:
Helene Black - Installations, mixed media and paintings.
Installations, mixed media, paintings and cv of the artist.

art: artist:
Hilson - Over 60MB of work by contemporary artist Harry Hilson
The paintings and writings of Harry Hilson

art: artist:
Howard Finster's Paradise Gardens - American Folk artist
A three acre Paradise of mosaic cement paths which leads to unusual sights

art: artist:
John Cole - Baltimore artist John Cole gallery.
John Cole Baltimore artist online gallery and store.

art: artist:
S. P. Dinsmoor - The William Blake of the American West
The Garden of Eden is a half-acre of concrete sculpture and architecture created in the late 1890's

art: artist:
Simon Rodia - American Folk artist, creator of Watts Towers
Built between 1921 and 1954, this is a uniquely American place. The site features pictures, stories and audio.

art: artist:
St EOM (Edward Owens Martin) - American Folk artist, seer and creator of Pasaquan
Georgia farmer turned artist

art: artist:
Vollis Simpson - American artist
Windmill powered whirlygigs, sculpture and folk art

art: artist: - painting, illustration, photoshop images, cartoons

art: artist:
Howard Finster: Man of Visions - An essay on the artist
Long, illustrated essay dispels the outsider myth of the folksy visionary

art: artist:
Grace M. Frankforter - Original Art - online display of artwork
portfolio of art work of Grace M. Frankforter

art: artist:
Clayton Bailey - Scientific sculptures with little or no scientific purpose
Exhibition of ceramic works of art, science and education - Weird Science Award

art: museum-online:
The Glass Museum - A virtual compendium of the glass arts
includes a 'glass encyclopedia,' dozens of articles and hundreds of photos

art: museum-online:
k a r m a b u g - mandalas, mannequins, and JFK
photos of the MARTHA, the timeless icon, and much more!

art: photo: africa:
In/sight: African Photographers - An exhibition of photos from 1926 to the present

art: photo: africa:
Picture Net Africa - The Beat of the Drum: Bailey's African History Archive
The Children Of Africa

art: photography: music:
Djeliya - griots et musiciens du Mali - Griots and musicians of Mali photo gallery
A black & white photo gallery dedicated to the griots and musicians of Mali

art: retail: textile:
Adire African Textiles - A gallery and shop for regional weaving
Displaying the creative works of African textile artists, weavers, dyers, and embroiderers

art: school:
Societe des Arts Indisciplines - Organization for outsider art
web site offers information on undisciplined artists in the Montreal, Quebec area (in French)

art: school:
Dutch University Institute for Art History (DUIA) - are research institute
The Institute in Florence and its library are part of Utrecht University.

art: web: cars:
Stickercar - Artcars, Artcar Philosophy and Events
Learn about artcars and related events and philosophies.

art: web: directory: - Art directory and resource guide.
Fetures unique artwork from around the world.

art: web: graffiti:
Art Crimes: The Writing on the Wall - A a collaborative volunteer project for graffiti arts
Provides cultural information and resources and to help preserve and document the constantly disappearing guerilla paintings known as graffiti.

art: web: graffiti:
@149th St - Welcome to the bench
If you missed the New York graffiti movement or just want to relive some memories, then this is the place.

art: web: graffiti:
Third Degree Vandals - Magazine, links and more graffiti info
High res documentation of the graffiti arts

art: web: Mexico:
Access Mexico Connect's Art of Mexico - Mexican art & Artists
Collection of Mexican Art & Artists, Extensive & unique gallery.

art: web: native american:
ArtNatAm - Native AmericanArtists -

art: web: native american:
First Americans in the Arts -

art: web: native american:
Native Arts Circle -
Native arts agency in Minnesota.

art: web:
Alex Designs / IZM - Graphics Illustration Music Art
Music Graphics Illustration Art

art: web:
Cigar Box Art Museum - Cigar box label art, mostly from Cuba

art: web:
Emergency Exit Arts - The Art of Celebration
We create celebrations by and for the community.

art: artist: native american:
Guthrie Indian Art Studios -
John Guthrie, Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma

art: web: native american:
Inuit Art Foundation -

art: artist: photography:
photography is communication - musicphotography, unusual photo-art
unusual photography including stockphotography on folk and rootsmusic

art: artist: photography :
Passaparola Studios - Photography,graphics,artists
Fashion and advertising photography,graphic designs and fine artists.

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