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music: magazine:
RootsWorld - magazine of folk, roots and world music

music: artist: Band:
Night WinD - Art-bit-progressive-folk rock/metal
Art-bit-progressive-folk rock/metal band from Uzbekistan

music: web: africa:
Encyclopedia of African Music - Excellent resource for African artists and instruments

music: web:
Gumbo Pages - Resource for all things Louisiana, plus roots music and radio

music: venue:
The Buttonwood Tree - folk,jazz,poetry,theater
Middletown, CT

culture: web: Portugal:
Portugal Musical Atlas - A musical tour of Portuguese folk with Julio Pereira

music: web: world:
World Music Institute - NY based presenter of world music and dance, in concert and on tour

music: web: cajun:
ZydE-Magic - Cajun music and dance site

freereed: event: Folk Music:
422 - Young Folk Award winner, 1999
Young band which won BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Award, 1999

music: label:
Acoustic Syndicate - Info on best band americana
Info on the best up and coming alternative-bluegrass band

other: magazine: publication:
Tradition - British traditions music folklore events
Traditional British way of life,events,folklore, CD reviews, interviews

freereed: label: folk:
Appledore Music - English folk label
featuring Tim van Eyken, Robert Harbron & Dr. Faustus

music: magazine:
Arca de Música - internet magazine of . folk music in Spanish

music: artist: folk:
Armós - Traditional music from Sicily - The Armós project's website.
Armós: traditional songs and dances from the oldest Sicilian tradition.

music: web:
Australian Folk Songs -

music: label:
Bar/None - .

music: artist: folk:
Battlefield Band - THE band of Scotland

music: artist: folk:
Bob Brozman - .

music: event: clubs:
Bothy Folk Club - Folk club & Morris Teams
Long running club, Southport England, 35yr anniversary,April 2000.

music: magazine:
Bourdonske - Flemish online mag

music: label:
Bullseye Blues - .

music: label:
Candescence - .

music: school: folk:
Ceilidh Trail School of Celtic Music - Teach traditional Cape Breton, Scottish and Irish, fiddle, piano, . guitar, harp, stepdancing and Gaelic singing

music: event: world:
Chateau Neuf Spelemannslag - presentatin of our band
CNS plays traditional Norwegian music in a new way

music: web: folk:
Chouchenn - Chouchenn
European Folk Dance Band

music: magazine:
Concerto Magazine - Austrian mag for jazz, blues,folk and world

music: artist: folk:
Cordelia's Dad - .

music: magazine:
Crónicas da Terra - folk webzine, in Portugues

music: label:
Danish Folk Music Distribution - .

music: artist: folk:
David Allison - Celtic guitarist

music: artist: poetry: - David Childers music and poetry
Artist, David Childer's web-site, Schedule information and sample poetry, songwriting

music: artist: folk:
Dick Gaughan - Scotland's bravest songwriter

music: retail:
Digelius Music - mail order for Scandinavian folk and world roots

music: magazine:
Dirty Linen - Folk and world music magazine

music: artist: chinese:
Discovery of Chinese Folk Tunes - Music by Jeremy Moyer
CD of south-Chinese folk songs played on coconut shell fiddle.

music: artist: folk:
Dock Boggs - .

culture: web: folklore:
Encyclopedia Mythica - Compendium of mythology, folklore and legend
over 5100 definitions of gods and goddesses, supernatural beings and legendary creatures and monsters

music: web:
English folk and traditional music on the Internet: a guide to resources - English folk and traditional music on the Internet: a guide to resources

music: artist: folk:
Eric Bogle - .

music: artist: folk:
Fairport Convention - The Official site

music: label: folk:
Falling Mountain Music - Trad and Contemporary Folk

music: artist: world:
Filarfolket - .

music: artist:
Fiona Blackburn, Talisman Musical Productions - Canadian Celtic Singer
Rave reviews for this new Canadian Celtic singer's new album.

music: web:
Folk Music . Org - .

music: web: folk:
Folk Australia - Australian folk music
Australia's folk heritage and traditions through word music and song.

music: web:
Folk Den - .

music: web: folk:
Folk Music of England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales & America - Traditional Music from 1600-1927
Midis, Lyrics and Historical Information, with Child Ballads and Shanties

music: magazine:
Folk On Tap Magazine - .

music: magazine:
Folk Roots (aka fROOTS) - British based world and folk music magazine

music: radio: folk:
Folk Roots/Folk Branches - Montreal's broadly-defined folk music program

music: magazine: literary review:
Folk Tales, An arts review magazine - music, books, and gig reviews
FT is an arts review zine covering books gigs, and music

music: magazine: folk:
FOLKER - Das Musikmagazin - Deutschlands Fachzeitschrift für Folk- & Weltmusik
Deutschlands einzige Fachzeitschrift für Folk- und Weltmusik

music: label:
Folk-Legacy Records - .

music: web: folk:
folkmusic from switzerland - Information about folkmusic from switzerland
Inforations about bands, musiciens, instruments and tunes

music: magazine:
FolkWorld - online mag of folk and roots based in germany (German and English editions)

music: artist: folk music:
Gai Saber - Occitanian music from Northern Italy
Traditional and modern Occitanian music from ancient and new Trobadors

music: artist: folk:
Geoff Berner, Accordionist Extraordinaire - solo singer/songwriter/accordion player
Geoff Berner: Singer, songwriter, accordion player. Peculiar songs.

music: label: World :
Golden Horn Productions - Traditional & Contemporary Turkish Music
Folk, Classical & Contemporary Music from Turkey

music: label:
Green Linnet/Xenophile Records - .

music: magazine: folk:
Guestlist folk music information pages - Folk Music magazine & directory
Guestlist folk directory plus Folktalk Magazine, folk news for Lincolnshire

art: artist:
Howard Finster's Paradise Gardens - American Folk artist
A three acre Paradise of mosaic cement paths which leads to unusual sights

music: web:
Hungarian Folk Music Dance & Handicraft - Hungarian Folk Music Dance & Handicraft

music: web:
Hungarian Folklore - Hungarian Folklore

music: web:
International Music Archives - Extensive resource for music, instruments and culture
not often updated

music: magazine:
Irish Music - Irish folk music, some other European

culture: web:
Island Ireland - Irish art, culture and environment
Irish music, art, folk culture, literature, architecture, history, archaeology, environment

music: artist: folk:
Janis Ian - .

music: artist: folk:
Jez Lowe - .

music: artist: folk :
Johan Hedin - Nyckelharpa player and composer
A creative nyckelharpa player and composer from Sweden.

music: artist: folk:
John McCutcheon - .

music: artist: folk:
Kate Wolf - Owl Productions - .

music: artist: folk:
Les Barker - .

music: booking:
Levande Musik På Krog och Bakgård - Folk concerts in Ystad,Sweden
Krukmakaren i Ystad har anordnat konserter i 10 år nu

music: label:
Lira - world, folk music mag in Swedish

music: event: Venue:
Live Art Folk Life Center - presenters of folk music.
Dedicated to presenting and supporting traditional and contemporary folk music.

music: label:
Living Tradition Home - .

music: web: Brazil:
Maria-Brazil - Brazilian Culture
Home of Brazilian Culture on the Web

music: artist: folk:
Marie-Lynn Hammond web pages - Canadian singer-songwriter-playwright

music: artist: folk:
Mark T. - Mark T.

music: label: folk:
Market Square Music - specialising in rare catalogue folk and folk rock

music: artist: Folk:
Mike Breen - singer-songwriter Mike Breen

music: magazine: folk:
Musical Traditions - The Online Magazine Of World Roots And Folk Music

music: label:
Musikfolk Limited - .

music: artist: folk:
Musique Simili - gipsymusic
folkmusic from gipsys, occitans

music: event: freereed:
muziekzondergrenzen/musiquesansfrontiers/music unlimited - information on the annual international workshopweekend for diatonic accordeon players that's being held on the dutch island of schiermonnikoog

music: artist:
Naffin & Wright - Eclectic Acoustic duo (cello & guitar)
A spirited blend of world music, folk and chamber jazz.

music: Folklore:
National Council for the Traditional Arts - Folk Music and Culture
Founded in 1933, Presenting organization that deals with folk, ethnic and tribal arts.

culture: web: hobo:
National Hobo Association - Cyber-Jungle of the NHA, where the fire is always cracklin’ and the stew is always bubblin’.
U. Utah Phillips' radio show and Hobo Times are here

music: web:
North American Folk Music and Dance Alliance - North American Folk Music and Dance Alliance

music: artist: folk:
Oysterband - .

freereed: artist: concertina:
Paddy Tutty's Folk Music Page - The home of Prairie Druid Music
Ballads and tunes with dulcimer, guitar, fiddle & concertina.

music: label:
Penguineggs - Canadian folk

music: artist: folk:
Pete Coe - .

art: photography:
photography is communication - musicphotography, unusual photo-art
unusual photography including stockphotography on folk and rootsmusic

freereed: artist: accordion:
Polka Twisters - Scandinavian folkmusic influenced by Cajun
Nordic,(Scanian) Worldmusic,Ballads,Folksongs,Instrumentals, influenced by Cajun,R&B.

music: artist: accordion:
Pot, van Lienen & Baumgarten - diatonic accordion and jazz bass
two accordeonplayers and jazz-bass. Modern music.

music: magazine:
Rambles - A cultural arts magazine
Fast-growing review magazine focusing primarily on roots music.

music: web: Folk:
Richard L. Hess's folk music web site - Folk Music resource

music: radio:
Rock 'n' Roots - Eclectic mix of roots music
Eclectic mix of new and re-discoverd American Roots music

music: artist: folk:
Rory McLeod - .

music: retail:
Rotspel - mailorder

art: artist:
S. P. Dinsmoor - The William Blake of the American West
The Garden of Eden is a half-acre of concrete sculpture and architecture created in the late 1890's

freereed: artist: Folk:
Sam Pirt - .
Accordionist with band 422, Radio 2 Young Folk Award Winners, 1999

music: retail: freereed:
Schatzie Music - On-line retailer of Swiss folklore CDs. Features accordion . players plus a selection of historical recordings. . Musical styles include landler, waltz, polka, yodeling groups, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

music: artist: folk:
Shooglenifty - .

music: artist: folk:
Silly Wizard - the band remembered

art: artist:
Simon Rodia - American Folk artist, creator of Watts Towers
Built between 1921 and 1954, this is a uniquely American place. The site features pictures, stories and audio.

music: artist: indian/fusion:
Sitar and Surbahar by John Perkins - Indian classical and folk fusion
sitar, performer, indian, fusion, concert, recording, wedding, sales/repairs, MP3 wedding

culture: web: world:
Slavonic Cultural Center - Balkan music, culture, folklore
The Slavonic Cultural Center presents music,dance and folklore from the Balkans.

music: label:
Smithsonian Folkways Mail Order - .

music: artist: folk:
Solas - Irish traditional music band Solas
includes biographies, tour dates, pictures and more

music: label:
Sonifolk - label for traditional Spanish roots and new music.

art: artist:
St EOM (Edward Owens Martin) - American Folk artist, seer and creator of Pasaquan
Georgia farmer turned artist

music: web: world:
TechnoBeat - Bob Tarte's columns and resources

music: artist: folk:
The Bad Pennies - .

music: event: folk:
The Buskers Ball of Bolton, England - music, reviews, gigs
A page for anyone interested in acoustic music in England

music: artist: folk:
The Hitmen - .

music: artist: folk:
The Incredible String Band - .

music: blues :
The Official Judy Henkse Website - Queen of the Beatniks
Elektra recording artist is back.

freereed: artist: folk:
The Pluck & Squeeze Band - Folk dance music from Wales
Folk dance music from Wales

music: instrument: fiddle:
The Strolling Fiddler and Storyteller - Legends and lore of the fiddle

music: magazine: world: :
the world of music journal - ethnomusicological journal (three times a year)
The journal the world of music presents original articles concerning music, dance and theater from the perspective of musicology, anthropology and folklore. By emphasizing particular regional and thematic aspects, the journal focuses on the diversity and variety of musical traditions of the world.

music: artist:
thebrotheregg webpage - fan page for the obsessed
group that plays mood-oriented pop with lyrical and baroque stylings.

freereed: event: Festival:
Tonder Festival - Major International Folkfestival in Denmark
26 years with tons of good folkmusic. Program 2000 out.

music: label: folk:
Topic Records - Topic Records in the UK
Independent record label; an archive of British folk

music: radio: folk:
Topsoil - A Century of Twang on WXDU, Durham NC

music: label:
Uvulittle Records - independent record label
Uvulittle Records is a Madison, Wisconsin based independent record label.

music: artist: folk:
Vassar Clement's Official World Wide Website - Official site

art: artist:
Vollis Simpson - American artist
Windmill powered whirlygigs, sculpture and folk art

music: web:
Welsh Folk Dance Society - .

music: radio: colombia:
WKCR 89.9FM New York - WKCR 89.9FM NY Latin Programming
Columbia University's student run station has colombian folk music program.

music: label:
Woodworm Records - .

music: radio:
WPKN - Community Radio at 89.5 FM in Connecticut

freereed: artist: - Ambrozijn
Ambrozijn is a F lemish folkmusic band with guitar, violin, melodeon and singing.

music: label: folk:
Yazoo Records - blues, old time, folk, jazz

music: magazine:
Zeitgeist - Irish mag, pop, some folk

music: artist: klezmer:
Tummel - Wild Klezmer music from Sweden
Klezmer music that wants to move your body

music: instrument: accordion:
3rd Coast Accordion Network - internet accordion network
Austin Texas accordion network sharing events and accordion news

music: organizations:
Texas Folklife Resources - Texas folk art sand folklife
presenting and preserving the folk arts and folk culture of Texas

music: artist:
U. Utah Phillips - Singer/Songwriter/Hobo/Loafer's Glory
U. Utah Phillips - Folk Singer/Songwriter and Loafer's Glory Radio host.

music: artist: folk:
Frank Taylor, The Flying Scotsman - Professional Scottish-Canadian Entertainer

culture: web: Welsh :
Celfyddydau Mari Arts - Music, song, dance from Wales
The traditional arts in Wales; music, song, dance, drama, customs

music: festivals:
Viljandi Folk Music Festival - The Yearly Folk Music Festival in Viljandi, Estonia
Think heritage music and say, “Viljandi and summer”.

music: web:
Maple Folk - Canadian folk music CDs
Features: Detailed, non-evaluative profiles; brief, annotated entries; links.

music: artist: - Hawaiian singer/songwriter
exotic, dreamy and hypnotic... Leonard Cohen

music: artist: celtic music from Asturies:
Xeliba, traditional music from asturies - xeliba, traditional celtic music from asturies

music: label:
Rikshaw : Rare grooves from India - Rural and Tribal music
My recordings done in Rural India. FREE SAMPLES

music: web: vintage recordings:
Secret Museum of the Air - Vintage recordings of world music before the world existed

music: instrument:
Hardanger Fiddle Association of America - Norwegian folk fiddle
A nonprofit organization preserving traditional Norwegian folk music and dance.

music: magazine: general:
Spire Folk - Folk, roots and world music site
Folk, roots and world music from the heart of England.

music: label: pop: - .
The on-line home of St. Louis quirk-pop-folk-rock band Hotel Faux Pas.

music: label: distributor:
Pendle Hawk Music Distribution - displays roots record labels worldwide
New UK roots distributor growing catalogue. Genuine love and knowledge.

culture: web:
American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress - Created by Congress in 1976 to preserve and present American Folklife.
The Center incorporates the Archive of Folk Culture, which was established at the Library in 1928 as a repository for American Folk Music.

culture: web:
American Hungarian Folklore Centrum - .
Established in 1978 for the purpose of disseminating Hungarian folk culture within the scholarly and public life of North America.

music: artist: folk:
Flook - Anglo/Irish traditional music group
Traditionally rooted tunes woven and spun with contemporary beats.

culture: artist:
The Garden of Eden - Mr Dinsmore's homage to the bible and politics
A strange amalgam of religion and prairie populism is exhibited in this unique folk art homestead in Kansas.

music: artist: Folk: Spain:
Música Folk Galega - Xunta de Galicia. .

music: artist: Folk: Spain:
Música Folk-tradicional de Galicia - Tradicional & Folk Music from Galicia -

music: artist: Folk: Spain:
O Son da Terra - Galician music in MIDI

music: artist: Folk: Spain:
Ávalon Folk - traditional music from Vigo. .

music: artist: Folk: Spain:
Barallete - traditional Galician music. .

music: artist: Folk: Spain:
Carlos Beceiro Official Page - .

music: artist: Folk: Spain:
Berrogüetto - traditional Galician music with original compositions and experimental mixing.

music: artist: Folk: Spain:
Brath - folk music from Vigo. .

music: artist: Folk: Spain:
Camerata Meiga - Galician avant-garde folk music.

music: artist: Folk: Spain:
Centro Gallego - .

music: artist: Folk: Spain:
Chouteira - .

music: artist: Folk: Spain:
Dhais - folk-jazz music.

music: artist: Folk: Spain:
Maite Dono - .

music: artist: Folk: Spain:
Durindaina Official Page - .

music: artist: Folk: Spain:
Durindaina Page by Paulo Vásquez -

music: artist: Folk: Spain:
Fía Na Roca Official Page - . .

music: artist: Folk: Spain:
Fía Na Roca Page by Paulo Vásquez - . .

music: artist: Folk: Spain:
Fol de Canguro - Galician folk music.

music: artist: Folk: Spain:
Fuxan os Ventos - traditional folk group

music: artist: Folk: Spain:
Ghastas Pista? - folk Celtic and traditional music from Galicia. .

music: artist: Folk: Spain:
Iriadona - .

music: artist: Folk: Spain:
Leilía - .

music: artist: Folk: Spain:
Leixapren - .

music: artist: Folk: Spain:
Louleada - .

music: artist: Folk: Spain:
Luar na Lubre Official Site - .

music: artist: Folk: Spain:
Luar na Lubre - .

music: artist: Folk: Spain:
Matto Congrio - Galician folk-rock. .

music: artist: Folk: Spain:
Milladoiro - .

music: artist: Folk: Spain:
Milladoiro Page by Pablo Vásquez - . .

music: artist: Folk: Spain:
Muxicask. - .

music: artist: Folk: Spain:
Na Lúa - .

music: artist: Folk: Spain:
Noitareg - .

music: artist: Folk: Spain:
Carlos Nuñez Page by Paulo Vázquez - . .

music: artist: Folk: Spain:
Carlos Nuñez Página de Anjana - .

music: radio: old time music:
Radio YUR - Radio in the old-time tradition - Bluegrass/Americana music in Real Audio
The KingPup Radio Show - Small Time Opry is on the air

art: artist:
Howard Finster: Man of Visions - An essay on the artist
Long, illustrated essay dispels the outsider myth of the folksy visionary

music: label: acoustic:
CHAT Records - .
multicultural music, featuring MUKKA and the Joe Townsend Band

music: artist: Folkmusic:
Phoenix - danish folkmusic - Phoenix - new Danish folkmusic.
The page contains: bandstory, discography, realaudio and much more.

music: label: african:
HumanSongs World Music - Folkloric and World Beat Music
Zimbabwean Mbira, Ghanaian NeoTraditional, Weltwunder Records U.S. distribution

music: artist: folk:
Roger Wilson - LittleBackRoom
Home site of the folk musician Roger Wilson

music: folk:
Northumbrian Traditional Music - Sheet music and music files
Sheet music, midi and mp3 files, bibliography and discography.

music: artist: world:
Orchid Ensemble - combination of Chinese and western instruments
rooted in Chinese, with elements of New Music and Jazz

music: web: folk:
south folk music network - folk listings and information site
from Cornwall to Suffolk with world wide artistes/info links

music: artist: nordic:
Fä [fae] - Scandinavian folkmusic Groove
Band mixing Scandinavian folkmusic with other types of genres

music: artist: folk:
Maurice Poirier's - .
singer-songwriter from Nova Scotia

music: artist: folk:
The Marrowbones Home Site - Folk song singer/songwritters home page
home page for Peter Massey & Gordon Morris

music: artist: singer:
Cyndi Fisher - Folk singer
Cyndi's music takes the listener back to the early 70's.

music: artist: songwriters:
Puremusic - new music for grownups
Monthly music ezine with reviews, interviews, and audio clips.

music: retail:
PassiOn Music - world music CDs
Mail-order East European Folk Music CDs & Latin Jazz CDs

music: event:
Lancashire Clog and Folk Festival - Details of annual music and dance event
An event for all the family 18th -20th May 2001

music: Traditional & Folk Music:
A Traditional Music Library - Traditional & Folk Music Resources
Sheet music,midis and lyrics for traditional and folk music

music: Radio: - Eclectic Non Stop Global Rhythms streaming 24/7 from DJ Ztanza's . Static Activity . Attic Studio,Boston,Ma,USA.
Radio Mandala .DJ Ztanza with Afican Rhythms,Reggae,Blues,Fusion.

music: museum-online: Music Archive:
Jamtlandica - folk music archive
Traditional folk music from Jamtland in Sweden with web-published MP3:s

culture: film: Sound:
Film Sound Design - Resource site for sound design texts
Dedicated to the art and analyes of film sound

culture: music video:
Music Video Theory - Resource site for music video
Dedicated to the art and analyses of music video

music: artist: folk:
Ballycotton - modern folk, information on band
unique Band from Austria plays Modern Folk

music: retail: acoustic:
hootenanny holler - purveyors of folk, blues & beyond
Purveyors of eclectic folk, blues and beyond

music: artist: english:
Damian Clarke (Pressgang) - Interview with Damian Clark
Interview with English alternative folk band guitarist Damian Clarke

music: artist: interview:
Andrew Cronshaw Interview - Andrew Cronshaw Interview
Andrew Cronshaw discusses Finnish and UK folk

music: artist: interview:
Mark Graham Interview - Interview with Mark Graham
Mark Graham from Open House discusses his music

music: ethnomusicology:
Interview with Thomas Hale - Interview with Thomas Hale
Author Thomas Hale discusses West African griots.

music: artist: interview:
Interview with John McCutcheon - Interview with John McCutcheon
John McCutcheon discusses adult and kids folk music

music: artist: interview:
Paul McGraw (Connie & Paul) Interview - Interview with Paul McGraw
Paul McGraw talks about folk music in New Brunswick

music: artist: italy:
Gruppo Folk Val Paradiso - Naro -

music: artist: italy:
Meri's Italian Folksinging Page -

music: artist: italy:
Folkabbestia -

music: artist: italy:
Folk Rose -

music: artist: italy:
Blackstonefolk -

music: artist: interview:
Interview with Jaime Munoz (La Musgana) - Interview with Jaime Munoz
Jaime Munoz of La Musgana discusses Spanish folk music.

music: artist: interview:
William Pint Interview - Interview with William Pint
William Pint of Pint and Dale discusses Maritime Music

music: artist: interview:
Interview with Arto Rinne - Interview with Arto Rinne
Arto Rinne of Myllarit discusses music in Karelian Russia

music: artist: intreview:
Interview with Eric Taylor - Interview with Eric Taylor
Texas singer-songwriter Eric Taylor talks about music

music: web: Folk:
Folk Music links - folk music
A directory of folk artists, venues, reviews and associated links.

music: artist: Newcountry:
Claire Gaynor - Official site - New country folk rock roots

music: artist: Folk:
WILDERNESS 1916 - Irish Folk/Rock Music

music: magazine: Accordion:
Caruhel Editions - Site for button accordion
A site for the button accordion players...

music: artist: Folk:
Robb Bledsoe - listen to folk music

Ghastas Pista? - Info about galician celtic music
Celtic music from Galicia, info about records with sound samples, lyrics and date of concerts

music: retail:
Italian Music at cdRoots - Folk, new roots and avant garde music
cdRoots offers music you won't find at the big stores, from artists outside of the pop mainstream

music: artist: french-canadian:
Matapat - Description of the music, dances and songs from our culture: Québec
Québécois music with fiddle, accordion, mandolin, guitar, feet and bones with funk-folk bass lines.

music: web: irish/celtic:
Irish Music Page - Information page about Irish/Celtic music
Information of Hungarian and native Irish/Celtic bands, events, songs, reviews, lyrics, musical excerpts and full length songs, forum

music: artist: folk:
Permanent Wave - Houston Contra Dance Band
Houston Contra dance band homepage and CD description

music: photography:
photography is communication - roots music specialized photofiles
Large photofile specialized in rootsmusic by Dutch photographer Wino Evertz

music: web: world:
EthnoBass - music from the whole world
open and independent WEB-community dedicated to ethnic, folk and world music

music: artist: celtic:
Frank Taylor, The Flying Scotsman - Entertainer, Artist, Conventions, Festivals, Pubs
Flying Scotsman provides a wonderful show

music: artist:
dave goodman - roadbook rhymes - folk, roots, ballads & blues
real audio, photo, bio stuff and more by canadian guitarist

music: artist:
McGnarley's Rant - Celtic gypsy folk-punk
the official site of McGnarley's Rant, Canadian Celtic-Gypsy rockers

music: venue: acoustic:
Sun Music Company - Live original acoustic music venue
SUN MusicCompany a good place to hear great music.

music: folk:
Acoustic Guitar Song Collection - Beautifully constructed site currently offers a fine selection of songs by a handful of good writers including Paul Simon and Leonard Cohen.

music: folk:
Acoustic Guitar Transcriptions - Pop-rock oriented on-line book catalogue offers note-for-note transcriptions of everything from Clapton Live and Nirvana's unplugged MTV concert (is it folk yet?) to Croce.

music: folk:
Acoustic Music - Chord/Tab FTP site - This is the mother lode of downloadable files for contemporary acoustic music. Most have chords and lyrics, some have tab. Huge index.

music: folk:
"American Memory" National Digital Library - The mother lode. This Library of Congress archive of American music includes vaudeville,>dustbowl songs,>cowboy songs,>fiddle tunes, Hispano music, over 100>Omaha Indian songs and much more. Information and Real Audio sound clips. Incredible.

music: folk:
Amerikanische Songs - This German scholar is fascinated with 19th Century American popular music and has collected lyrics and midi file melodies for over 70 of them. Beautifully designed site.

music: folk:
Ars Nova Downloads - This site is an excellent resource for teachers, with midi files for many classical tunes and folk songs. You can download a free Mac/Win demo of the Songworks II midi player for free.

music: folk:
Becky Vincent's Campfire Songbook - A Girl Guides of Canada song hoard. Hundreds of songs in practical categories for group leaders including performance tips. Site has lots of other cool materials for kids and camping, almost all P.D. (public domain). Hats off

music: folk:
Australian Folk Songs - Over 100 Australian folk songs, including lyrics and MIDI file melodies. Fine work by learned Aussie Mark Gregory. A real specialty site.

music: folk:
Classic Rock Top 500 ( - Our Classic Rock guide counts down her top 500 classic rock songs. Includes a lot of folkies - Dylan, Neil Young, etc. Most songs have links to lyrics & chords with some tabs.

music: folk:
Cosmic Kitchen - Guitar Chords - Chords and lyrics to dozens of folk and sympatico classic rock. Dylan, The Dead, Neil Young, etc. The casual player's usual suspects.

music: folk:
Co smos's Songbook - This Yosemite Scouting Jamboree web ring site has lyrics to over 250 campfire-type songs, labeled fast-slow.

music: folk:
Cowpie (COuntry Western Pickers of the Internet) - Song lyrics - a lot of country, but other songwriters too. This alphabetical index page shows a folder for each letter - no ads or site info. For the site frames page go here.

music: folk:
Insurgent Country - Americana Songbook - Find lyrics, chords and a (very) few tabs to songs by literally hundreds of songwriters that have been labeled Americana.

music: folk:
Den's Old Lyrics Page - Lyrics to 100s of oldies from the 50s, 60s & 70s (many pop/rock hits most people would rather forget, from Andy Williams to BTO). Webmaster has 100s more & will e-mail on request. A useful and amusing resource.

music: folk:
Digitrad - On-line database of 100s of traditional songs (plus some contemporary), with lyrics, chords and MIDI. Downloadable versions for Mac and PC. Indispensable, but crashes my Mac (OS 8.5).

music: folk:
el - Lyrics and sound clips to over 300 boleros, corridos, sones, rancheras, and other songs - plus books on Mexican and Mexican American music.

music: folk:
Dr. Demento - Nobody has collected more sick, outrageous, and just plain funny songs. Is it folk? Who cares. This unofficial site, home of, offers copious collection of>lyrics.

music: folk:
FolkLib: Lyrics List - This FolkLib page lists indexes of lyric/chord sites and lyric/chord collections as well as a few lyrics pages by artist.

music: folk:
Folksong Index - Over 9000 lyrics and 4000 midi melodies, this may be the largest collection of "Airs, Anthems, Ballads, Canons, Ditties, Folksongs, Hymns and War Songs" on the net - from the U.S., Germany, England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, France and Austria.

music: folk:
Gaelic Song Lyrics - Supplies lyrics to 30 Gaelic tunes - in Gaelic, of course.

music: folk:
G8INA's Irish Music Page - Includes a list of sites as well as a collection of zipped songfiles that you can download.

music: folk:
Harmony Central - On-Line Guitar Archive (OLGA) - Lyrics, chords & tabs in all genres, search by author. A lot of classic stuff by Guthrie, Dylan, Joni Mitchell; fewer songs by newer writers. Chords and tabs vary in quality. Due to legal woes, the site may not last much longer.

music: folk:
Harmony Central: Links to Guitar Archive Sites - Most of the links go to alternative/rock collections, but there is treasure to be found here for the non-purist.

music: folk:
Histor y in Song - A fine, fine reference site with hundreds of song lyrics grouped by periods and activities (railroads, mining) as well as by writer - including Dylan, Guthrie, and more. Collects the work of a Dr. Bus in Mainz, Germany and his students.

music: folk: - Leader in Lieder - German site has 20,000 titles from 40 countries. Includes lyrics, sheet music and MIDI melodies. Incredible.

music: folk:
Irish Song Lyrics - This Scandanavian afficionado of all things Irish has collected lyrics to over 300 songs.

music: folk:
Irish Tune Book - Indexes tunes by name and supplies GIF files for sheet music of the melody. Contains nearly 1000 tunes (no lyrics).

music: folk:
IWW Homepage (Wobblies) - Here's the homepage for the legendary Industrial Workers of the World organization. Radical and still here. In 7 languages.

music: folk:
KIDiddles - Canadian site has an index of over 800 classic kids song lyrics, mostly P.D. Good>links.

music: folk:
Labor Movement - The Mother Lode of labor songs. Pages for IWW songs, Songs of Joe Hill, and much more.

music: folk:
Labor Songs - Need lyrics to The Internationale, Joe Hill or Help Save the Youth of America? About twenty great and classic songs have been collected by the Democratic Socialists of America.

music: folk:
Lone Hand Western - Cowboy songs and romanticized history of the Old West can be found at the site of this performing group. Dozens of classics like Old Paint, Billy the Kid, Streets of Laredo. Separate listing for Civil War songs.

music: folk:
Lyrics Robot - Song Lyric Search Engine - A unique search engine that allows you to search for lyrics by song title - there's also an index of thousands of artists/bands, mostly non-folk.

music: folk:
Lyrics World - Extensive collection - including Top 40 hits from 1930 on, so it's great for those oldies your parents used to sing to you when you were young. OK, grandparents.

music: folk:
Michael's Kitchen - This guy has uploaded lyrics and chords to a very eclectic mixture of acoustic/rock songs, from Joan Baez to Nirvana. Very cool site.

music: folk: - Top 40 world/folk downloads - from "John Henry," "Fennario" and "Old Paint" by Roger McGuinn to Palestinian tracks by Women of Sodom.

music: folk:
Public Domain Music - A resource to help people locate public domain songs unhindered by copyright hassles or expenses. Lots of useful info, including a>database of 3000 songs. Caveat: Titles only - no lyrics here.

music: folk:
Public Domain Music - Hundreds of songs that are either anonymous (folk songs) or are in the public domain: blues, spirituals, popular songs from 3 centuries arr. by genre & author. A treasure trove of lyrics & MIDI file melodies.

music: folk:
Roger McGuinn's Folk Den - McGuinn has recorded a new folk or traditional song each month since Nov. 1996 expressly for the purpose of extending the folk process via the web. Over 50 songs and lyrics/chords at this page.

music: folk:
Ron's Folk Music Chords & Lyrics - One of the hottest song pages on the net gives chords for songs by Richard Shindell, Dar Williams, Lucy Kaplansky, Mark Erelli and others. New songs all the time - plus custom orders free For tricky parts, refer to>Ed Dupas's tabs.

music: folk:
Sea Shanties - A fine collection of shanty lyrics - traditional and modern - can be found here.

music: folk:
Sing Out - All songs printed in the past 47 years are listed by title. You can either buy the back issue or send $3 for a photocopy. Thousands of great songs. Also, their online catalogue of song books includes early reprints and 'Rise Up Singing.'

music: folk:
Single Act's Chords & Lyrics - Folk - This interesting site has collections of lyrics - and some chords by a few dozen of the more popular acoustic artists, mainly 70s oriented. The folk collection seems to be the only section working.

music: folk:
Songs of and about Elizabethan Times - A treasury of 16th century lyrics - many bawdy or drinking songs.

music: folk:
Steele, Gregory - This fansite has quite a bit of stuff for Cliff Eberhardt, John Gorka, Dan Fogelberg, Lucy Kaplansky, and others. Good taste.

music: folk:
Tab Robot - Guitar Tab Search Engine - Search engine/robot finds tabs for songs - seems to search many large on-line tab collections. And lo and behold, it works

music: folk:
Temple of Tabs - Lyrics and chords for hundreds of artists are archived here. Most are pop and rock, but lots of folk and folk rock too.

music: folk:
Texas Music Tablature Archive - Fans have transcribed songs by Guy Clark, Steve Earl, Townes Van Zandt, and others.

music: folk: - Lots of albums and sound clips.

music: folk:
Union Songs - Over 100 labor classics - from traditional ballads to contemporary songwriters. Many gems. Includes lyrics and MIDI version of melody for each song. A gold mine from Australia's Mark Gregory.

music: folk:
Ultimate Guitar Archive - Leave it to the Russians to create a huge archive of English language song lyrics and chords on the internet. All genres, but some good chestnuts and a separate section for blues.

music: folk:
Un-Plug - Guitar tabs in all genres. This link gets you to the acoustic section, which lists new tabs and an alphabetical index to browse.

music: artist:
Vince Bell - Songwriter's Website
Bio, reviews, music, musings and more...

music: label: traditional:
Multicultural Media - world music audio and video

music: artist: folk:
Loyko - The Russian Gypsy Band - contains history, discography, online music
contains band history, discography, press, online music. Fan site

music: portal:
Belarusan Music Sourse - all about music from Belarus
Music from Belarus: links, news, online samples, texts, shop, information.

music: label:
Catfish Records - The best in roots music
The on-line home to the world's premier roots music label.

music: artist:
modern World Music band Lot Lorien - Official web page of bulgarian modern world music band Lot Lorien
Official web page of bulgarian modern world music band Lot Lorien

music: artist:
Croft No. Five - scottish six piece fusion outfit
Combining Scottish traditional instruments with contemporary instruments and sounds.

music: artist:
Brychan - Welsh singer-songwriter
Brychan, compared to Jeff Buckley, Nick Drake and Morissey.

music: folk:
Whole Note - Online Guitar Community - Search engine for guitar tabs salvaged from OLGA (OnLine Guitar Archive)

music: artist: folk:
Klinga - Swedish folk music trio.
Swedish folk music played on fiddle, guitar, saxophone and recorder.

music: artist: eclectic: - Award winning Celto-Americana band
Independent acoustic-rock, world music group with 5 outstanding CDs

music: artist: Acoustic:
Tangerine Trousers - Fine acoustic music
Origianl acoustic folk/pop/eclectic music group from Michigan.

music: artist:
The Willeys - neo-celtic folkwave music
Original folk rock with a celtic edge.

music: Folk: - Authentic Slovak Folkl

music: artist: folk:
Friends & Consequences - Folk music with street flavors.
Free MP3s of acoustic-folk songs from a new collaboration.

music: artist: Latin:
Mariachi Sol Latino - Mariachi comes to Berlin, Germany
Mariachi - powerful, passionate and l o u d

music: label: folk:
Bulgarian folk and orthodox music CDs - Folk and orthodox music CDs
Big collection with Bulgarian Folk Music CDs, Orthodox music CDs.

music: event: Festival:
Folkfest - Information about past and present festivals
two-day cultural celebration filled with live music, dance workshops, craft and food vendors, and activities for children.

music: Resource:
Best irish Music - Traditional Music Information resource
The Midwest's best Traditional Music Information Resource

music: prose: essays:
Lou's Reviews - Review essays:roots, classical, jazz
Extended review essays in folk, world, jazz, clasical music

music: web: Folk:
The Acoustic Garden - Folk, Blues, Americana Music

music: label: Folk:
Linn Records - The real sound of music
Quality recordings of the finest traditional music.

music: essays:
Lou's Reviews - review essays-roots,jazz,classical
in-depth essays across musical genres

music: venue:
Joe's Pub - Schedule of events for Joe's Pub at The Public Theater
What's playing at Joe's Pub: world music, singer-songwriters and more

music: artist: songwriter:
heart surgery for the soul - art and songs from pen-e
suicide folk for a new generation

music: artist: Folklore:
Live music like a fire:Klezmer Swing Musette Chanson - INFOS,SOUND,PICTURES
Music like a fire

NRITYANJALI ACADEMY - folk dance performing group
Folk dance performing group, non-profit voluntary organisation & event management group from andhra pradesh, india

music: concert organiser-music school:
Muziekpublique - Organisation of concerts and workshops
Muziekpublique organises folk and world music concerts in Brussels

music: artist: folk:
Friends & Consequences - Meet the music and makers.
Veteran folk, rock pioneers collaborate with new blood for you.

music: artist: folk:
Ceili Moss - A Celtic folkband from Belgium
Ceili Moss plays irish, Scottish and Breton music in pubs since 1995. More closely related to the Pogues than to Enya, they provide entertaining and energic non-genetically engineered music.

music: web: - roots music from around the world.
Reviews, news and features on music from around the world.

music: artist: Rustavi:
League of Professionals - Georgian Folk Music
Georgian folk, art, music, dance, festival

music: label: Scottish:
The Tradition Bearers - Scottish traditional singers and musicians
Traditional song and music from Scotland and related traditions.

music: event: Scotland:
The National Folk Festival, Scotland - The National Folk Festival, Scotland
The National Folk Festival, Scotland - celebrating the traditional arts.

music: artist: Folk-Rock:
Graeme Taylor appreciation page - .
guitarist for John Kirkpatrick, John Tams, Rolf Harris etc.

music: artist: starving:
jayah - a site about jayah
a cross between the beachboys,the cheiftans and mozart

music: web:
Puremusic - Music reviews, interviews, audio clips.
Monthly music ezine covering music for grownups of various styles.

travel: artist: Traditional Music:
Mick Moloney's Irish Folklore Tours - Irish Cultural Travel
Travel Ireland with Mick Moloney Experience the Hidden Irealnd

music: artist: poetry:
Arthur Davenport - Folk Musician - Original ballads lyrics and songs.
Listen to songs, read lyrics, artist information and CD links.

Medium Rare Cafe concerts - Concert schedules; artist reviews; comprehensive links page
Mid-Atlantic folk concert series in medium capacity churches.

music: Society:
Columbus Folk Music Society, Inc. - Folk Music, Dance, Storytelling, etc.
Promoting Folk Music, Dance, Storytelling and other Folk Arts

music: event: Festival:
Central Ohio Folk Festival - May Folk Festival, Columbus, Ohio
Workshops, spotlight performances, concert, dance, jamming, traditional, music, May, Ohio

music: event: festival:
Sea Music Festival 2003 - One-day traditional music event.
Singers and instrumentalists specializing in the tradition of music of the sea.

music: artist: folkmusic:
Phonix - Danish tradition and originality - Contemporary Danish folkmusic and folksong
Contemporary danish Folkmusic, vocal, instrumental, new composed dancetunes, nordic style

music: artist: Christian:
The Music of Karl Kohlhase - Christian folk music
Contemporary Acoustic Folk Reflections on the Teachings of Christ

music: artist: Folk:
Jim Moray - Young English folk artist
Young multi-instrumentalist using new technology and trad instruments

music: resource: - Traditional music, musicians directory.
Scottish, Irish and World music artists database and online CD shop.

music: artist: Folk:
Matthew Clark Folk Singer/Songwriter - Matthew Clark Folk Singer/Songwriter
Folk singer/songwriter Matthew Clark downloads, info, and updates.

music: artist: Solo Artist:
Tom Stephens - The Official Site - Artist information site
A homemade blend of Alt-Country/Folk and Blues

music: artist: Folk:
Dan Weltman - artist website - New original folk downloads
Free MP3s from London songwriter taking in folk, country, blues.

music: artist: babukishan:
babukishan - worldmusic/traditional folk/new age/mystic music/fusion/babukishan

music: instrument: squeezebox:
Ozbox - the Australian Squeezebox Site - Traditional Australian button accordian music
Traditional Australian button accordian music collected from Southern Queensland - MP3s, CDs

music: artist: Lakota:
Bunny Sings Wolf - Lakota-Folk music from the Black Hills
Folk Alter-Native music speaks courageously, respectfully of peace and freedom

music: artist: Russian:
American Balalaika Symphony - Russian folk and classical music
Balalaika orchestra performs Russian folk and symphonic music

music: magazine: folk:
INTERFOLK, Revista de folk y músicas tradicionales - Magazine folk music from Spain
Magazine about folk music from Spain, artist, instruments...

music: artist: Kurdish:
Razbar Ensemble - Kurdish group from Germany
Kurdish Ahl-i Haqq Ensemble from Germany

music: event: OpenStage:
Watchung Arts Center - Folk, Blues & Roots Music
Interested performers contact Program Manager, mike higgins.

music: artist: Folk:
Irish folk singer - Music for real people
Irish folk singer songwriter with a radical edge.

travel: cultural:
Cnoc Suain - cultural & educational holidays
Irish cultural and activity holidays on a Pre-famine hill-side farm

music: artist: Latin:
Rene Hugo y sus Amigos - Folkloric Latin Music from Vancouver
Upbeat, nuevo folkloric music of the Peruvian Andes.

music: label:
Sage Arts - Traditional Folk and Roots Music
A Traditional Folk and Roots Music Independent Record Label.

music: Not for profit societys:
scandinavian old time fiddle society - fiddles for kids
loan fiddles to young people and promote folk music.

music: artist:
Rachel Harrington - Official site for Rachel Harrington
Acoustic alt-country for the No Depression set.

music: band:
the wisemen - original rock band, Lancaster, UK
Roots-infused rock'n'roll from Lancaster, England

music: artist: Group:
Silent Planet - Los Angeles based Celtic band
A Celtic/folk band with a distinct style.

music: artist:
Ollie Kennedy - Irish Singer/Songwriter
Official homepage of Ollie Kennedy - Westmeath singer/songwriter, recording artist

music: artist: Roots: - Official Reid Jamieson site
Elvis meets Neil Young. Strong voals, tender lyrics, mean guitar playing.

music: artist: folk:
Peter Bowen Poetry Prose Folk Folk Rock Music - Folk/folk rock music.
Canadian artist has been compared to Waits, Cohen and Dylan.

music: event: folk:
Central Ohio Folk Festival - Spring Folk Festival
Teaching type festival. First weekend in May.

music: label:
Four Cats/Radoinic Records - record label/recording studio
New Orleans based indie label and recording studio with genre ranging from rock to pop to jazz!

music: magazine: artist:
Folk Magazine "Gadki z Chatki" - Polish folk music site
Site of the only folk music magazine in Poland. English version.

music: artist: gypsy:
The Great American Gypsies - music of american immigrants
promoting professional musicianship, and Educating the public of world folk

music: artist: bagpipe:
minuit guibolles - french new traditional music
french new traditional music from centralfrance and brittany

music: artist:
Barry McLoughlin - Home of Barry McLoughlin
Narrative Music is the home of acclaimed Celtic-Canadian folk singer/songwriter Barry McLoughlin and base of the International Narrative Song Competition.

music: artist: Canadian:
Canadian Songwriter Nathan Sloniowski - Nathan's a folk-rocker from Canada
Nathan Sloniowski's solo CD is No Wicked For The Rest

music: artist: Canadian:
The Silver Hearts - Ghost Town Blues Orchestra
Amazing energy, song writing and instrumentation unlike anything you've seen.

music: artist: folk:
Beck Goldsmith - Roots Singer Songwriter
Finely crafted songs and astounding vocals.

music: artist: acoustic:
Dave Calandra - Homepage for Dave Calandra
Bio, gigs, music, news, lyrics, photos and travel stories.

music: artist: Armenian:
History Volumes - Armenian Classical Oud Music
Traditional Armenian Classical and Folk Music - the History Volumes.

music: label: folk:
Folkwit Records - Independent UK folk roots label
Label representing new and original UK folk roots artists.

music: radio:
ATIR - indie webradio
great indie radio station format traditional country blues bluegrase folk southern gosple

music: artist: folk:
Kalio Gayo Worldfolk - Dutch worldfolkband Kalio Gayo
Dutch worldfolkband Kalio Gayo, inspired on irish and roma folkmusic

music: event: Folk:
Central Ohio Folk Festival - Folk workshops & concert
A teaching type Folk Festival & concert by David Massengill

music: artist: Folk:
Nick Cook - The Music of Nick Cook
It's song based mainly around the Guitar. Songscapes about life and the things in it, the things that effect me. Love songs and life songs.

  Related Categories
music: label: folk:

music: magazine: folk:

music: radio: folk:

music: school: folk:

music: web: Folk:

music: web: folk:

music: retail:
ZetaBoo - MediZine
Experimental music from Finland features bassist Pekka Lehti (Värttinä), Anna-Mari Kahara (accordion), Jarmo Saari (theremin, keyboards, vocorder, guitars) and Marko Timonen (drums, percussion). Quirky to say the least, this Finnish band drifts thru reggae, rock, jazz, folk roots and fronds and a distinctly late-60s, early seventies pop sound. The vocals are edgy, odd (and in Finnish), and everything develops a familiar feel that suddenly takes an unexpected turn.

music: retail:
Barzaz - An Den kozh dall
Breton folk-roots and new music

music: retail:
Les Soeurs Goadec / The Goadeg Sisters - Ar C'hoarezed, The Legendary Voices of Brittany
Grande dames of Breton folk singing

music: retail:
enteli - live
Bengt Berger, tabla and percussion, Jonas Knutsson, saxophones and additional percussion, Ale Möller, multi instrumentalist, Johan Söderberg, keyboard maestro and extraordinary singer Lena Willemark. Daring folk -improvisation.

music: retail:
Groupa - Imeland
The Swedish supergroups 1995 recording, with Eden, Astrom, Simonson and Tina Johansson doing the percussion

music: retail:
Groupa w/ Lena Willemark - Manskratt
Probably one of the most important ensembles of the new Swedish folk movement is joined by one of Swedens most phenomenal singers. A classic recording!

music: retail:
Niss Kerstin - Trad

music: retail:
Eriksson - Nygards - Tallroth - Klacklek
The band provides energetic, playful and danceable folk music. Sophia (fiddle), Anders (fiddle) and David (mandola) met on a folk music course at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm.

music: retail:
Pinnin Pojat - Gogo 4
Arto Jarvela and Kimmo Pohjonen offer a curious series of duets that are at once folky and bizarre, for accordion, harmonica, fiddle, mandolin, nyckleharpa, voices and various unexpected instruments. Kip Peltoniemi offers guest vocals on his infamous Minnesota Tango.

music: retail:
Susanne Rosenberg - Uppa Marmorns Hoga Berg
A fine Swedish vocal recording, emphasizing folk roots with a creative and sometimes unusual edge. This is the recording that led to the infamous Rosenberg 7 recording of 1999.

music: retail:
Lena Willemark - Windogur
The Swedish folk diva in a much jazzier setting.

music: retail:
Claudio Puntin & Gerdur Gunnarsdottir - Ylir
Claudio Puntin and Gerdur Gunnarsdóttir arrive with a highly unusual project - a musical topography of Iceland, an Iceland both observed and imagined, mirrored in legend and folklore. Music for reeds and violin and voices (ECM-import only)

music: retail:
Pancho Alvarez - Nas Cordas
The strings' of this Spanish musician (a founding member of the ensemble Na Luá) are strung on violins, bouzoukis, mandolins. mandolas, banjos and guitars, augmented by minimalist synthesizers, lots of vibrant percussion, and healthy doses of accordion, flutes, and other instruments (including a visit from gaita and flute master Carlos Nunñez)

music: retail:
Anubia - Segredo a voces
Eva Blanco, Maite Castro, Ana Blanco, Teresa Triáns, Patricia Blanco and Isabel Vilaseco are the voices of Anubía. Joined by a cast of brilliant musicians and produced by Pancho Alvarez, they create a rich, textured music that varies from earthy folk music to ethereal choral sounds. Much in the vein of the Finnish band Vartinna, Anubía mine the rich cultures that surround them, from Galicia to North Africa, from modern pop culture to the middle east, and turn it into something unique and often exquisite. The music is created by members of Na Luá, Berrogüetto, the Carlos Nuñez band on accordion, violins, gaita, keyboards, percussion and much more.

music: retail:
Berroguetto - Navicularia
The first album by this Galician ensemble is a bit more low-key and folky than their acclaimed Viaxe por Urticaria, but it is still a gorgeous piece of work, with a stronger jazz flavor, but no dearth of genuine folk touches.

music: retail:
Berroguetto - Viaxe por Urticaria
Probably one of the most raved about recordings to come from Galicia in the 90s

music: retail:
na Lua - As Fases de Na Lua (Best of)
Twenty years of new Galician folk in these 18 tracks by one of Spain's most important groups

music: retail:
Na Lua - Os Tempos Son Chegados
This Galician ensemble offers a wide ranging view of the folk music world they live in, using old and new for inspiration and tools: gaita (bagpipe), whistle, accordion, bouzouki and guitar are augmented by sax, synth and percussion.

music: retail:
Susana Seivane - Alma de Buxo
The 2001 recording from the Galician gaita (bagpipe) master who brought the music to the forefont. Includes guest appearances by Kepa Junkera and other leading lights of the Spainish music scene

music: retail:
Martin Carthy - The Carthy Chronicles
Epic 4 CD set. Click to read more!

music: retail:
Ulrika Boden - Valje & Vrake
The vocalist for some of the country's most important young 'newly composed folk' ensembles (Sälta, Kalabra, Rosenbergs Sjua, Ranarim) has brought together some formidable talent to present ancient songs from the region of Ångermanland (her home) in beautiful, sometimes bold, new (acoustic) settings.

music: retail:
Frifot - Jarven
Ale Möller, Lena Willemark and Per Gudmundsen created the ensemble Frifot to explore the roots of Swedish folk music in daring new ways

music: retail:
Kalabra - Folka
The second recording (2000) from this still young and growing Swedish new-folk ensemble. A harder edge than their first, but also a more mature sound

music: retail:
Nåra - Nara
Gunnel Mauritzson (vocal, tin whistle), Björn Ståbi (fiddle, vocal), Bengan Janson (accordion, vocal) formed this ensemblein 1997. Their music is rooted in Swedish folk music, and performed in a very personal way and with great warmth. This is their first CD as a group (2000). Roger Tallroth guests on 2 tracks (octave mandola, twelve-string guitar).

music: retail:
Various Ugandan Artists - Music from Uganda 1: traditional
traditional vocal and instrumental folk music from Uganda (limited stock available, please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery)

music: retail:
Arakne Mediterranea - Tretarante
An association based in Martignano in the Southern Italian region of Salento dedicated to the preservation and diffusion of the traditions and folk cultures of Salento.

music: retail:
Calicanto - Venexia
The Venetian group Calicanto is one of the most elegant of the new folk ensembles to come out of Italy. Venexia is a celebration and a remembrance, a commemoration of the fall of the Venetian Republic in 1797. Like the city it honors, their music is cosmopolitan, a blend of Mediterranean cultures with a bit of an eastern attitude. Accordions, bagpipes, reeds, flutes, mandola, percussion and guitars cement the music with some beautiful vocals.

music: retail:
Lucilla Galeazzi - Cuore di Terre
Singer Galeazzi hails from Umbria in Italy, and comes to this recording with a deep traditional sense of the music. Probably best known in the US for her performances with Philippe Eidel's 'Mammas' project, she is also a veteren of classical, folk and new music. This 1997 recording was reissued in the wake of her new-found popularity, but it stands on its own. Accompanied by Massimo Nardi's guitar, percussion from Nicola Raffone, and Carlo Mariani on launeddas, a reed instrument with a drone much like a bagpipe. Guests supply a minimum of flute, clarinet or bass.

music: retail:
Various Artists - La notte del dio che balla
The night of the dancing god is a reasonable translation, and an apt title for this diverse collection of Italian folk, roots, jazz and pop music. Originally put together as a travelling program to celebrate myth and rituals of the Italian past. the bands and artists involved are some of the best in the country: Agricantus, Daniele Sepe, Addosso Agli Scalini, RestArt and Nidi d'Arc supply contemporary edge to the project. Ambrogio Sparagna offers some phenomenal organetto (accordion). Director of the project was singer Teresa de Sio, a fine traditional singer. It's an impressive mix, wildly unrelated in style and yet intimately connected in spirit. Just listen to the amazing Tarantella Calbresse, a tour de force of roots and jazz by Daniele Sepe, and you will see the endless possibilities. – RootsWorld

music: retail:
Daniel Sepe - Lavorare Stanca
This contemporay collection of music by Italian composer/musican Daniele Sepe is as diverse as it gets. Traditional polyphonic singing, jazz, theater music, folk music and reggae all merge harmoniously in this rich, colorful and often disturbing portrait of a culture.

music: retail:
Tendachent - Ori Pari
Tendachënt is a Piedmontese band formed 1997 as a natural evolution of one of the main revival-folk bands from Northern Italy, La Ciapa Rusa.

music: retail:
Luisa Cottifogli - Aio nene
Italian singer Cottifogli and her creative ensemble take tradition in daring new directions

music: retail:
Tapia eta Leturia + Amuriza - Bizkaiko kopla zaharrak
Joseba Tapia (diatonic accordion and vocals) and Xabier Bersaluze 'Leturia' (pandero - tambourine ) are among the most repsected musicians playing Basque music today. With a backing ensemble of voices, mandolin, guitars and foot-stomping percussion, they present a series of folk stories and dances collected from the oral tradition and passed on for generations. This is the sound of Euskal Herria.

music: retail:
Otto Hotakainen - Polkka-Otto
One of the most colorful folk fiddlers of Finland, the master from Kaustinen performs tradtional tunes and his own famous original polkkas. Solo violin.

music: retail:
Erkki Rantaviita and Pinnin Pojat - Rankaviita and Pinnin Pojat
Singer Rankaviita is backed by Arto Jarvela and Kimmo Pohjonen on fiddle, mandolin and accordion (1996 - Folk Music Institute)

music: retail:
Martti Pokela - Tuulikumpu
historical kantele recordings from Finland

music: retail:
Tallari - Virtaa
In some ways the official national folk group of Finland, this 14 year old group has featured some of the brightest lights of Finnish traditional music. The core ensemble is Ritva Talvitie, Timo Valo, Antti Hosioja, Risto Hotakainen. They play fiddle, harmonium, drone-fiddle, jouhikko, bass, mandolin, accordion, flutes, offer some excellent vocals. They are joined by guest vocalists Anita Lehtola (Hedningarna) and Tellu Virkkala (ex-Hedningarna). This is the ninth recording made by the ensemble over the many years they have been together, and it is a super example of Finnish folk music.

music: retail:
Tellu - Suden Aika
Tellu is a major force in Finnish song, with deep folk-roots credits and a stint as a member of the innovative Hedningarna. This song cycle features Tellu with fellow Hedningarna singer Sanna Kurki-Suonio, Liisa Matveinen (former Tallari) and Me Naiset's Pia Rask. Orignal and traditional material flow together in these songs, sung solo and in ensemble.

music: retail:
Various Artists - Tulikulkku
The experimental side of the Finnish new folk movement is exemplified in these tracks by Tuulenkantajat, Hedningarna, Niekku, Pirnales, Martti Pokela, Pohjantahti with Wimme Saari, Me Naiset, Etnopojat, Primo

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Besh o droM - Besh o droM
New music from Hungary

music: retail:
Csik Ensemble - A kor falara - Hungarian folk music

music: retail:
Dresch Dudas Mihaly Quartet - Reveszem, Reveszem
Jazz quartet explores Hungarian folk themes

music: retail:
Ghymes - Tuzugras
The premier Hungary folk-roots-and rock band's 1997 release

music: retail:
Ghymes - Rege
One of the leading world music and folk ensembles from Hungary

music: retail:
Roza Bancseva - Jana-Janika
Roza sings traditional Bulgarian folk music, accompanied by tambura, tupan, duda (bagpipe), gadulka, violin, accordion, cimbalom and kaval

music: retail:
Iren Lovasz and Laszlo Hortobagyi - Vilagfa

music: retail:
Makam - Skanzen
w Iren Lovasz and Szilvia Bognar. New Hungarian music

music: retail:
Ferenc Kiss - Outlaws of the City -Nagyvárosi bujdosók
The Outlaws of the City is a thematic or as it is nowadays called a concept album. In the songs, lyrics and performance I used a lot from what I have learnt in the past 25 years about folk cultures, and the way we can use them today. The prosaic supplements, which I call texts that accompany the songs, cannot be sung, but they all relate, at some places closely, at others loosely, to the imagery of the songs. They make each other complete. They are about me, and my loved ones, and about those who can never be loved. Memories about my generation and the hiding. My childhood, and school, fears, the recognition and the fire, music and water, the respect of traditions and rebellion, landscapes and people, tales and travels, the myth and bureaucracy, duty and love, self-destruction and attachments, home and the native land, the rustling of skirts, our fate, the child's eyes, the smell of books, the wings of freedom and of course happiness, joy, wine and dance, and the language of the Bible and the streets – these all loom in them. Naturally, Lucifer is also there all the time. Those outlaws who I can thank the most are mentioned by their name. They have always provided me with a secure shelter, and they still do. They all guided me through the wonderland of arts and visions towards the point of irradiation (clairvoyance). Among them some were hiding in poetry, music or in the desert, others amidst celluloid tapes or perhaps along barbed wire. Or they were fleeing from something into the oily scent of colours, into folk poetry, dance and play. They were all urban residents. I truly belive that in its insane roam, they, and those similar to them, are the ones who keep directing this depraved mankind in the right direction.

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Romanyi Rota - O Cerhariko
Gipsy folk group from Hungary

music: retail:
Szilvasi Gipsy Folk Band - If I Catch The Devil (Ha megfogom az ordogot)

music: retail:
Pete Morton - One Big Joke
Still holds up as one of Pete's finest works

music: retail:
Thanasis Papakonstantinou - Hoarse Prophet - Vrachnos Profitis
A daring and ultimately successful fusion of modern rock and ancient Greek roots, produced by a major rock figure in Greece, and accompanied by both folk and rock musicians. This is an intricate, swirling recording that is both very 60s and at the same time forward looking.

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Savina Yannatou - Virgin Maries of the World
On the trails of re-discovering musical treasures lost in the depths of the centuries, united by a most obvious and at the same time unsuspecting narrative thread, Savina Yannatou and the Primavera en Salonico Ensemble present a collection of popular and folk songs, hymns, encomia, eulogies, lamentations, carols, excerpts from popular masses (missa) all dedicated to the universal figure of Virgin Mary.

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Carl Erik Lundgaard - To-rader på Dansk (Two Row Danish)
At the age of 14, Carl Erik Lundgaard started his professional career as a musician. 35 years later Carl Erik is still going strong, giving a special priority to his solo career on the diatonic accordion. Carl Erik´s repertoire consists of traditional Danish folkmusic from the last several centuries as well as originally composed contemporary folk music.

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Drones and Bellows - The Dancing Dog
The Danish folk ensemble is joined by Scots musician Brian McNeill (Battlefield Band)

music: retail:
Fenja Menja - Fenja Menja
Contemporary, original folk rock, rising from the roots of Nordic mythology and mysticism – combined with the seductiveness of the folk tradition. Fenja Menja’s music lures the listener with wondrous notes from the depths of the ancient woods, until, suddenly, the rude awakening by the singeing stench of brimstone from guileful farting trolls.

Katja Mikkelsen, fiddle, bagpipes, flutes – Kenneth Hermansen, electric guitar, vocal – Morten Lolk Rasch, piano – Johan Ahrenfeldt, electric bass – Søren Andersen, drums

music: retail:
Haugaard and Hoirup - Lys Light Ljus Licht Valo Luce Lumiere Luz
traditional Danish folk works for fiddle, guitar and voice by two of Denmark's most repsected musicians.

music: retail:
Morten Alfred Høirup - Vingården
The Vinyard present six new melodies by Morten Alfred Høirup and three old ballads, played by folk-musicians from USA, Finland and Denmark. The very unusual and old Danish instruments used on many of the tracks give you a new version of this old European music as it might have sounded before it developed into what we today know as Danish traditional Folk music. Morten Alfred has created a name for himself throughout Scandinavia as a young rythm guitarist within a variety of genres: Danish, Celtic, American, French-Canadian and contemporary folk music.

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Kaetter Quartet - Den sidste schottish - Live
The Danish folk, jazz and rock ensemble recorded live at the Tarm Festival

music: retail:
Lang Linken - Knorifas
Lang Linken is one of the most experienced Danish folk music bands. In the early 70s. The young Lang Linken started as a band, which learned from the old traditional fiddlers, musicians and female singers and still today Lang Linken stand as one of the links between young musicians and the original traditional Danish folk music.

music: retail:
Phonix - Live
The Danish folk-rock and jazz ensemble recorded live

music: retail:
Phonix - Udbrud
Danish folk rock, violin, accordion, clarinets

music: retail:
Serras - Second Hand
This is the second recording by the Danish fusion-folk ensemble Serras, whose members span the Danish folk music scene as players in bands like Puls, Haugaard & Hoirup, Sorten Muld and many others.

music: retail:
Evald Thomsen - Lydbilleder
one of the greatest Danish fiddlers in this century and one of the most inspiring musicians and characters of Danish traditional folk music

music: retail:
Tumult - Wallegnav
A creative mix of curious, melodies, colourful harmonies – heavy, sweating rhythms – and inspiration from various musi-cal styles is how they define new Danish folk music. Tumult consists of four experienced musicians from Odense with each an individual musical background and experience; a hardcore folk-fiddler & singer, a popular rock guitarist, a hardcore retro bass player and a groovy rock drummer. It is the meeting of musicians with each their musical culture and background that gives rise to new possibilities and adventures. Prejudices are being reduced and the limits for what you can do with the music become fluid. Most of the group’s repertoire are new compositions, but it also includes traditional material: – songs, ballads and tunes from Denmark, which are treated affection-ately in new interesting arrangements. Tumult started spreading in Odense in the autumn of1999 - we are looking forward to the release of their debut-cd in 2001.

Jørgen Dickmeiss – fiddle, vocal, bodhran / Thomas Kristoffersen – guitars / Kaspar Laursen Christensen – bass / Lars Frimodt-Møller – drums, percussion

music: retail:
Uhrbrand-Lydom-Cahill - Spring, with Mats Vingin and Peter Rosendal
Originally formed as a trio in 1998. Peter Uhrbrand, Sonnich Lydom and Sèamus Cahill has now been joined by two outstanding jazz musicians Mads Vinding (bass) & Peter Rosendal (piano) in what can only be described as a rare meeting of musical genres, that of folk and jazz. In a sense Spring is not only a meeting of different musical styles, but also a meeting of the great traditions of Nordic and Celtic music. One of the band members is an Irishman now settled in Denmark and so it seemed natural that songs from the Irish tradition should also be included on this CD. ULC’s choice of material blends beautifully together.

music: retail:
Zar - Strengeleg
A dynamic young trio of bass, guitar and fiddle from Denmark.

music: retail:
Boris Kovac and Ladaaba Orchest - The Last Balkan Tango: An Apocalyptic Dance Party
Contempory music from a dark wellspring of Balkan folk roots, offered by this composer/saxophonist and an orchestra of accordion, reeds, bass and more.

music: retail:
Tesi - Vaillant - Trovesi - Trio
Groundbreaking collaboration of accordion, mandoline and reeds, where the folks roots of Italy and France meet avant garde art music of the world (Special order, allow 4 weeks for shipment)

music: retail:
The Boat Band - Burning the Water
A Brit band who does Cajun tunes, folks songs and unexpected others. They literally tour on an old barge (hence their name) and pump out their tunes with gritty vocals, grinding fiddle, driving accordian, guitar, rub board and bass. No cheap imitation, they are a creature of their own unique habitat.

music: retail:
Jungr and Parker - Canada
Barb Jungr: Vocals, harmonica, mandolin, percussion
Michael Parker: Vocals, guitar, ukulele, banjo, cornet, piano, bass /
Roger Watson: Melodeons /
Christine Collister and Ian Shaw: Backing vocals /

Their third recording includes great original songs and superb performances including guests Christine Collister, Ian Shaw, Roger Watson and John Moloney.

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Peters and Tyrall - Clear the Road
Their record company says (and we would agreee): Brian Peters and Gordon Tyrrall perform traditional music with vibrancy and virtuosity....Brian is a leading English exponent of the melodeon and anglo-concertina, with an innovative approach to styles ranging from dance music to rock'n'roll, and a reputation that has earned him bookings at squeezebox festivals from Holland to Quebec; he can also turn his hand to guitar. Gordon is the duo's main guitarist, a brilliant and original player who stands comparison with the greatest singer/guitarists of the folk scene, and is also a fine flute player equally at home with Irish reels or old English dance music...

music: retail:
Brian Peters - Seeds of Time
This is a recording of traditional and original tunes from one of England's more interesting folklorist/songwriterswriters, guitarist and accordion players. Seeds of Time takes a historical perspective, as Peters says, 'from the bottom up.' with old ballads, his own songs, and songs from Leon Rossellson, Jim Woodland and Nic Jones.

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Daniel Janke - Big Dance (with Holly Cole)
Canadian composer, kora player and band leader Janke creates new music, jazz, pop and folk, that pretty well defies and of the genres. Singer Holly Cole offers guest vocals on a number of tracks.

music: retail:
Daniel Janke and Longest Night Ensemble - Not Too Dark
A unique Canadian ensemble gathers once a year to celebrate the longest night in song, dance and poetry. These musical works are a scattered lot, full of complicated references, classical, folk, blues and jazz roots, and a wealth of unusual sounds and ideas. Instrumentation ranges from kora, violins accordion and voice to prepared piano, tubas drums and electronic keyboards. Completely un-definable new music.

music: retail:
Joe Townsend Band - Joe Townsend Band
Brit fiddler, bass and accordionist, joined by cimbalom (hammer dulcimer) do jazz, folk tunes and generally amaze.

music: retail:
Kalabra - self-titled

music: retail:
Antoni Donchev - Dom. No. 13
Composer-pianist Antoni Donchev has received many Bulgarian jazz awards over the last fifteen years and been featured at number of major jazz festivals. In addition to his work with his Acoustic Version, Donchev works in a number of other projects with musicians from all over Europe. Donchev is a model contemporary musician, easily and skilfully handling the broad variety of forms in performing and composing at the turn of the century. He has no difficulty whatever combining the versatility of jazz with folklore and classical music.

Donchev is working with the music space. His compositions are like imaginary landscapes - chamber music atmospheres. He is looking for the space between the spaces - the microcosmos of sounds.

The works heard here are from film and theater works he has composed, performed by a chamber orchestra, with poetry by Edvin Sugarev.

music: retail:
Fairy Tale Trio - Ultramarine
Unique folk insprired jazz from Bulgaria by a trio of Theodosii Spassov (kaval), Antoly Vapirov (sax) and Styoan Yankoulov (percussion, tupan) with Enver Izmailov on guitars on a few tracks

music: retail:
Korova - A Distant Echo
This vocal-tamboura quartet from Bulgaria play authentic folk music from the Rhodope mountains in Bulgaria, with energy and directness. Their performance is captured in their home town setting, without a fancy studio sound or production... you'll hear the listeners join in, you'll hear the trucks drive by.

music: retail:
Various Artists - Gypsy Summer - Tales of Surviving
Featuring Karandila Brass Band, this soundtrack from a film about Gypsy life by Milan Ognianov. Musicians and singers from the ages of 5 to 75 are captured on the streets and in their homes: fiddlers, cymbalom players, superb folk singers and and the roaring energy of the Karandila ensemble.

music: retail:
Kvarts - self titled first CD
The Norwegian new folk quartet's first CD

music: retail:
Kvarts - Filigan
Newest album from the Norwegian folk quartet

music: retail:
Elena Ledda - Sonos
Sardinian vocalist uses folk roots to forge a daring new acoustic music

music: retail:
Mammas - Mammas, par Phillipe Eidel
Spain's Equidad Bares has a warm yet slightly raw-edged voice and her formidable abilities as a writer. Italian Lucilla Galeazzi is a wonderful singerwho uses an ornamented vibrato against a simple, folky sound. Hayet Ayad is an Andalousian singer born of Algerian parents in Strasbourg; deep tones and a passionate delivery are her hallmark. Yiota Vei comes from Greece and is by far the most dramatic of the quartet that form the basis of Mammas. A must have recording!

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E Zezi (GruppoOperaio) - Pummerola Black
Gruppo Operaio' (The Workers Group) was a collective at an auto factory in Naples who did political and social music with deep folks roots and high artistic ideals. Some members of the ensemble went on to form the much acclaimed band Spaccanapoli. This recording is less polished, more frenzied, lively and sometimes outrageous.

music: retail:
Bulgari - Bulgarian Folk Music
Bulgari present an excellent selection of traditional and folk melodies from the Bulgaria. The gaida, a Bulgarian bagpipe, is prominent and lends a familiar tone to the tunes, which also feature strummed and bowed string instruments, percussion, bass, flute and vocals.

music: retail:
Åse Teigland - Dansarsteinen
Åse Teigland comes from Utne in Hardanger. She is one of Norway´s talented young Hardanger fiddle players, and plays with genuine feeling and grace. She has studied with several well-known fiddlers, including Knut Hamre, Stein Versto and Leif Rygg. Åse Teigland has played at a number of folk music competitions, as well as in concerts in Norway and abroad. The music on her first solo recording comes mainly from the Hardanger and Voss regions.

music: retail:
Lars Underdal - Gullfakse
Lars Underdal from Vinje in Telemark, has studied with several fiddlers and at the renowed Ole Bull Academy in Voss. He has performed at a number of folk music competitions and at concerts in Norway and abroad. His performance style is powerful and expressive. Gullfakse is a fine selection of fiddle tunes from Telemark, in the tradition of such legendary fiddlers as Myllarguten and Gibøen.

music: retail:
Berit Opheim - Eitt Steg
Berit Opheim sings unaccompanied Norwegian folk songs on this striking recording. The song traditions in Norway is called kveding (to «kvede» is an old wordmeaning «to sing»). It´s songs passed on for generations and deeply rooted in Norwegian musical heritage. You can hear medieval ballads, psalms, children songs, lullabys, callings and vocal improvisations on the album. The recording is done in the Stave Church at Urnes, in Sogn. The church was built about 1130 to1150, and is considered to be the oldest stave church in Norway. It´s the first time a sound recording has been done in the church.

music: retail:
Karl Seglem - Spir
Jazz meets folk music in a superb fusion by this Norwegian ensemble.
KARL SEGLEM Tenor saxophone, Norwegian ram horns
MORTEN SÆLE El. and ac. guitars
TERJE ISUNGSET Drums and percussion, jews harp

music: retail:
Various Artists - Kuulas Hetki
Compilation of artists from Sibelius Academy Folk Music Department: Pirnales, Arto Järvelä & Kimmo Pohjonen,

music: retail:
Liisa Matveinen - Ottilia
Matveinen interpret the traditional songs of folk singer Ottilia Ilkka (1875-1963), from Sapsilampi in southern Ostrobothnia, Finland. The album features Matveinen's vocals and kantele, along with Maria Kalaniemi, Anna-Kaisa Liedes, Heikki Laitinen and members of the Tallari ensemble.

music: retail:
Berklejdy - Muzuka Naskuchana

music: retail:
St Nicholas Orchestra - Kraina Bojnów

music: retail:
Pot, van Lienen & Baumgarten - Nectar
Two accordions and a bass form the core of this ensemble from Netherlands, who play traditional tues and jazz-inflected folk music

music: retail:
Brian Peters - Lines
The 2001 recording from one of Britain's finest folk artists.

music: retail:
BEV - Apotropaica
a.k.a. BonificaEmilianaVeneta. B.E.V. combine modal vocal harmonies with accordion, hurdy gurdy, saxophone, bagpipes, oboe, double bass, guitar, mandolin-cello and a variety of percussion in an inventive repertoire ranging from medieval and regional Italian folk traditions (ballads, valzers and assorted folk dances) to contemporary world fusion (folk improvisation with a punk attitude, as the notes put it).... aurally engaging music. - Michael Stone (RootsWorld)

music: retail:
Totore Chessa - Organittos
One of the masters of the Italian melodeon, this is pure folk music played brilliantly, accompanied by voice, launeddas

music: retail:
Various Artists - BALLI POPOLARI IN ABRUZZO: la saltarella del teramano
Number 11 in the Taranta series of traditional Italian folk music

music: retail:
Number 12 in the Taranta series of traditional Italian folk music

music: retail:
Various Artists - BALLOS SARDOS (No. 1) Anthology of Sardinian Folkdances
Number 15 in the Taranta series of traditional Italian folk music

music: retail:
Various Artists - VECCHI BALLI DI ROMAGNA No.2: manfrine, quadriglie e vecchio liscio
Number 17 in the Taranta series of traditional Italian folk music

music: retail:
Various Artists - TARANTELLE E MASCHERE: Balli e canti tradizionali in Irpinia
Number 18 in the Taranta series of traditional Italian folk music

music: retail:
Various Artists - Organetto e Tarantella
The traditional music of Lucania includes 34 tracks of the real roots, field recorded folk music from Italy.

music: retail:
Various Artists - Suoni d'Irpinia - Vol. 3
Traditional songs and folk dances from Iripinia, Campania, Italy

music: retail:
Various Artists - L'ARPA DI VIGGIANO: Le tradizioni musicali in Lucania. Vol. 3
Volume 3 in the Taranta series of tradtional Italian folk music

music: retail:
Volume 4 in the Taranta series of tradtional Italian folk music

music: retail:
Various Artists - BALLI POPOLARI IN ABRUZZO Vol. 1: saltarella e spallata dell'area frentana
Number 6 in the Taranta series of tradtional Italian folk music

music: retail:
Number 7 in the Taranta series of traditional Italian folk music

music: retail:
Antonello Paliotti Trio - Tarantella Storta
Guitarist Paliotti and his trio take a chamber music approach to traditional Italian folk genres such as the tarantella, moresca, and serenata. Their sound is delicate and well defined, with finely crafted intersecting lines and inventive, ever-shifting tonalities.

music: retail:
Piva Dal Carner - M'han Presa
quartet from Emilio plays bass, piano, melodeon, guitar, reeds, bagpipes, hurdy-gurdy and mandocello, utilizong these instruments to make deeeply roots folk music in a new way.

music: retail:
Pete Morton - Courage, Love and Grace
Morton is one of England's finest folk singers.

music: retail:
Pete Morton - Mad World Blues

music: retail:
Mario Salvi - Caldera
One of the masters of the Italian melodeon, Salvi needs little introduction to the afficiando of Italian folk music. This recording presents masterful performances from Salvi, accompanied by a band of reeds, percussion, flutes, strings and electric bass.

music: retail:
Riccardo Tesi - La bella della lepre
One of Tesi's earlier works, more folk-traditional than recent recordings, but in some opinions around here, still one of is best

music: retail:
Riccardo Tesi - Banditaliana
Italy's most recognized melodeon (accordion) player in his best recording to date. With a solid band, wonderful new arrangements, this is dynamic new folk music, touched with classical and jazz, a few bits of funk and a brilliant interpretation of Malagasy music for solo accordion. Simply a must have CD for anyone who like innovative, melodic music.

music: retail:
Vizonto - New Wave
Hungarian new music quartet plays unique compositions from folk roots.

music: retail:
Various Artists - Greece - Grecia, de oriente y occide (2 CD set)
43 tracks of Greek roots music from the most traditional to the very contemporary, from big names like Haris Alexiou, Mikis Thodorakis and Kristi Stasinopoulou to a large number of artists both old and new that will be a revelation to all but the most dedicated fans of the music. Laika, rembetika, folk ballads, rock and pop are all represented, all with an ear towards tradition.

music: retail:
Amelia Muge - Todos os Dias
The great Portuguese folk singer expands the roots beyond fado.

music: retail:
La Musgaña - En Concierto
Live recording from the seminal Spanish folk ensemble

music: retail:
Tejedor - Texadores de Suaños
The Asturian folk group (and family) Tejedor is composed of José Manuel (Asturian bagpipes, low whistle, flute), Javier (button accordion, gaita [bagpipes], flutes) and Eve Tejedor (percussion and voice). This is a rich mix of Asturian traditional music and new ideas. Produced by Phil Cunningham

music: retail:
Skolvan - Swing and Tears
Breton folk dance music

music: retail:
Sol De Nit - B-91 00-SN
Catalan folk and European art music meet calypso and other Latin music in a rich, usually quiet, often contempletive and ultimately unique fusion.

music: retail:
Gabriel Yacoub - :Yacoub:
Another great set of songs by the master of French 'new folk.' Joined by his usual cast of excellent musicians, including Sylvie Berger (voice), Gilles Chabenat (vielle à roue/ hurdy gurdy), Roonan le Bars (bagpipes and whistles), and many more on strings, vocals, horns, reeds, guitars, percussion.

music: retail:
Biruta Ozolina - Bolta Eimu (Dressed in White)
Human voice and sounds of zither performed by Biruta Ozolina make a truly harmonic alliance. The beautiful voice of the zither strings and the beautiful human voice in 14 traditional folk songs from the Latgale region.

music: retail:
Various Artists - Danco Dievis (Latvian Dances Vol 2)
...riveted my attention. The lead cut Perkonitis, by the Dancu Muzikas Grupa, sets the mood. That group—along with Dziga, Laimas muzykanti, and Dandari—showcases a youthful vitality that makes clear these folks like to dance. Suseklis and Vezu Dancis follow, each with its own degree of wild abandon. Slower, reel/waltz-like songs vary the pacing, and a variety of instrumentation is presented. A few cuts seem Germanic (e.g. Saimniekdeli), yet all are traditional, with influences that have accumulated over the centuries. - Dick Dorsett, RootsWorld

music: retail:
Ilgi - Saules Meita (Daughter of the Sun)
In 1981 Ilga Reizniece formed Ilgi. Like other folk musiciansIlgi visited old people - bearers of this ancient knowledge, learnt songs and mastered various folk intruments, made their national costumes and musical instruments themselves. Ilgi revives the forgotten songs, dances and traditions. This is their 1998 recording.

music: retail:
Ilgi - Seju Veju (Sow The Wind)
Ilgi's distinct Latvian verses offer linguistic rhythms and punctuation that perfectly complement the accompanying instruments, whether the traditional bagpipe or the backbeat of bass guitar and trap drums. One could reach and compare the sound to other familiar European folk-rock bands but that would shortchange this well-executed album. So think of it as Latvian postmodern folk music and let it stand on its own. Far from a kind of dstracting world beat pop, this album satisfies the contemporary ear. Dick Dorsett in RootsWorld

music: retail:
VeDaKi - Gombi Zor
The name is also their statement of purpose: Vershki (above the ground/ top) and Koreshki (below the ground/ root) is the name of a Russian fairy tale, a fitting connection for this band. Their works are totally improvised (all songs are credited to the entire group) with a dedication to American and European jazz, but the folky spirit of their melodic and rhythmic inspirations prevails throughout. They play music in childlike amazement at the connections and divisions their varied backgrounds create. Nothing on this album is recognizably Russian, Senegalese or Indian. It is an amalgam, and as such it is only valuable once it is molded to its own purpose. It is a driving trance music; incessant in its rhythms, elusive in its melodic intent. VeDaKi sees the future of jazz, an international cooperative of musicians who meet on common emotional ground. While they expose their roots in the musical themes they start with, it is the top that matters, the now of musicians lost in their own creative world. - Cliff Furnald

music: retail:
Various Artists - Travellin' Companion 1 - A Musical Journey to Poland
new roots from Poland,. includes klezmer, trad folk, rock, a reggae dub(!), folk-jazz and much more

music: retail:
various Faroese Artsists - Kingosangur
This is a documentary recording of traditional unaccompanied religious vocal music of the Faroe Islands. Some of the songs date at least as far back as the 17th century.

music: retail:
Kristian Blak et al - Klaemint
Klæmint is a suite by Kristian Blak composed to be played in a grotto - Klæmintsgjógv - on the coast of Hestur, Faroe Islands. The music is recorded on location May-August 1998. Klæmint is a common man's name on the island of Hestur, originating from the latin Clemens - 'mild, gentle'.

music: retail:
Klakki - A Gown of Water (Í kjól úr vatni)
Unusual folk-rooted jazz and pop music based on contemporary Icelandic poetry

music: retail:
Kristian Blak - Addeq
jazz-world music from Faroe Islands pianist Blak accompanied by kora, guitar, xylophone, percussion and bass

music: retail:
Karsten Vogel - Light When Dark
Karsten Vogel (saxophone) Kristian Blak (keyboards) recorded these performances in the caves on Nólsoy and Hestur, Faroe Islands, in May 2000.

music: retail:
Spaelimenninir - Flod od Fjora
Faroese folk and dance ensemble. 'The band has - in a smart and varied set of strong, hummable new-made and traditional dance tunes, plus several instrumental developments of Faroese skjaldur, one of a kingo hymn, and two songs, one Faroese and one from Jutland - its own sound, an airy, zesty lift that twitches the feet for dancing, somewhere between Shetland, Norden, Scotland and Cape Breton in feel.' (Andy Cronshaw, Folk Roots, UK)

music: retail:
Spaelimenninir - Burturav
Faroese folk and dance music ensemble. '...this band has enough energy and fire to keep you happy and warm even on the coldest Faroese nights.' - Dirty Linen

music: retail:
Spaelimenninir - Umafter
Faroese folk and dance music ensemble

music: retail:
Spaelimenninir - Spaelimenninir I Hoydolom
Faroese folk and dance music ensemble

music: retail:
Klakki - Lemon River
Jazz and folk influenced pop music form Faroe Islands

music: retail:
Global Voices - A Vox Set
A 3 CD set of vocal music from around the world, traditional, sacred and contemporary.

music: retail:
Folk Music in Sweden series, volume 1-2 - The Medieval Ballad (2 CDs)
The Nordic medieval ballad heritage is transmitted here through the medium of unique recordings. This double CD features 41 ballads, several in different versions.

music: retail:
Folk Music in Sweden series, volume 3 - Traditional Folk Music
A survey of the whole breadth of Swedish folk music. Many of the recordings were made in the field - from 1942 onwards - in the summer pastures and in the homes of folk musicians and singers. Others reflect the Swedish folk music of the present day, partly in traditional form and partly in the vigorous mixture of musical styles developed during recent years. Among those contributing are Karin Edwards, Pelle Jakobsson, Eric Sahlström, Gössa Anders, Pål Olle, Susanne Rosenberg, Per Gudmundson and Marie Selander as well as folk music groups Norrlåtar, Väsen, Frifot and Hedningarna

music: retail:
Folk Music in Sweden series, volume 4 - Adventures In Jazz And Folklore
Performers: The Bengt Arne Wallin orchestra, / The Jan Johansson Quintet, / The Georg Riedel orchestra, / The Bengt Hallberg orchestra, / The Georg Riedel ensemble

music: retail:
Folk Music in Sweden series, volume 5 - Folk Tunes From Orsa And Älvdalen
Performers: Andersson, Gössa Anders / Åhs, Evert / Orre, Lars (1871 - 1954) / Fält, Gereon / Andersson, Elg Emanuel

music: retail:
Folk Music in Sweden series, volume 6 - Rhymes & Lullabies
Performers: Karlsson , Margit / Blom, Dagmar / Blom, Jenny / Söderberg, Nils / Trolle, Britta

music: retail:
Folk Music in Sweden series, volume 7 - Harmonica & Accordion
Performers: Jonsson, Elias / Jordahl, Per Ludvig / Danielsson, Nis Karl / Andersson, Ivar / Johansson, Gunnar

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Folk Music in Sweden series, volume 8 - Ancient Swedish Pastoral
Performers: Karlsson, Anna / Lisslass, Elin / Edvardsson Johansson, Karin / Larsson, Tjugmyr Maria / Moraeus, Anna

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Folk Music in Sweden series, volume 9-10 - Three Traditional Folk Singers (2 CDs)
72 songs recorded by Swedish radio between 1952 and 1963, including jocular ballads, pastoral songs, love songs, drinking tunes, religious songs and songs of the sea. Sung by Lena Larsson (Gullo, Bohuslan), Ulrika Lindholm (Jamtland) and Svea Jansson.

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Folk Music in Sweden series, volume 11 - Fiddlers From Five Provinces
Performers: Pettersson, Svante / Huldt, Sigvard / Berndt, Carl-Eric / Isacsson, Richard / Sahlström, Eric (1912 - 1986)

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Folk Music in Sweden series, volume 12 - Songs Of Torndalen
Swedish Tornedalen has long had a rich song tradition which was alive and vigorous even into the 1970s - thanks, in large measure, to Laestadianism, a religious movement where worldly things such as radio and television were seen as sinful and therefore prohibited. Here Swedish and Finnish cultures meet in ring games, love songs, satirical ballads, workers' songs and religious songs, all of which have been recorded in Tornedalen.

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Folk Music in Sweden series, volume 13 - Nordic Folk Instruments
Rysstad, Åni / Arfs, Erik / Jonsson, Elias / Jacobsen, Hans Fredrik / Bäckström, Magnus present sonfgs to show the variety of folk instruments in the tradition.

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Folk Music in Sweden series, volume 14 - Folk Tunes From Jämtland / Vall--trall and Lapp-Nils later
Performers: Näsström, Erik Axel / Löfström, Nestor / Mårtensson, Anders / Falk, Olle / Röst, Per Viktor

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Folk Music in Sweden series, volume 15 - Songs Of Sailors & Navvies
These songs tell of sea journeys and railwaybuildings, of love and broken promises and of Georg Sjöman (George Sailor) whose comrades ate him up. Most are written by sailors and navvies, some by others who - more or less accurately - tell of their legendary ways of life. The recordings were made in the homes of elderly sailors and navvies - or other bearers of the tradition - in the 1960's and 1970's.

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Folk Music in Sweden series, volume 16-17 - Folk Songs Rättvik, Boda & Bingsjö (2 CDs)
On this double CD we hear Pers Erik and Pers Hans, Göras Anders and Leif Göras, Petters Erik, Påhl Olle, Blank Kalle and Blank Anders, Röjås Erik the elder and the younger, Röjås Jonas, Päckos Helmer, Pekkos Gustaf and Nils Agenmark.

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Folk Music in Sweden series, volume 18 - Folk Tunes From Dala Floda, Enviken & Ore
With the tunes from Enviken and Ore can be heard a close teamwork performance by four skilful players, Nils Agenmark (1915-1994), Pontus Berggren (b 1935), Påhl Olle (Olof Dyrsmeds, 1915-1987) and Alm Nils Ersson (b 1942). The fiddlers' quartet, which actually set a trend for other players, was recorded in 1971 by the Swedish radio producer, Matts Arnberg.

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Folk Music in Sweden series, volume 19 - Blood, Corpes & Tears
Chapbook songs and ballads (skillingtryck) tell tales of unhappy love and sudden death, crimes and passion, horrid mishaps, and all manner of other misfortunes.

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Folk Music in Sweden series, volume 20 - Folk Songs & Tunes From Bohuslän

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Folk Music in Sweden series, volume 24 - Chorales & Wedding Music From Runö
For 600 years, right up to the beginning of the 1940s, a Swedish settlement existed on the island of Runö, off the coast of Estonia. There an archaic form of Swedish was spoken and many old customs and practices continued considerably longer than on the mainland.

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Folk Music in Sweden series, volume 25 - Folk Music In Transition
Original recordings of singers and folk musicians followed by their respective adaptations, beginning in the 19th century and continuing to the present day. Included are music and arrangements by Richard Dybeck, Hugo Alfvén, Hilding Rosenberg, Ingvar Lidholm, Jan W. Morthenson, Karin Rehnqvist, Johansson/Wallin/Hallberg , Folk och Rackare and Hedningarna.

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Folk Music in Sweden series, volume 26,27,28 - Swedish Fiddlers from the Past (3 CDs)
Documentary recordings of Swedish fiddlers made by ethnographer Yngve Laurell between 1913 and 1920 on old phonograph cyliders.

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