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Trinidad and Tobago
Edited by Hope Munro Smith

Probably the longest running and certainly the best Real Audio site out there, the Calypso Tent of the Air

DJ Tony Tempo's website, which has Every soca tune for Carnival 2000, plus info about Guyana carnival and Barbados cropover, Miami Carnival and more

TriniRadio is another website with plenty of music samples ALSO cultural info, recipes and more

The Visit TnT entertainment section, which contains samples of music from the Rituals label. Soca and ragga soca abound!

The entertainment section of the Trinidad Guardian (updated daily but not archived)

Some other favorite sites:

JW Records is one of the better sites for mail order, but only carries the material on its label. Does include the better known artists such as David Rudder, Atlantik, Crazy, Kitchener, etc.

The Web Ring for all things about Trinidad and Tobago

Web ring devoted steelband and the steelpan, the Jouvert Pan Ring

Mail order for the store Rhyner's Caribbean Music

Caribbeanspice radio show

Trini.Com has dozens of links to music sites (including recording studios), mas camps, and other things relating to Trinidad and Tobago culture Another start page with links music and entertainment in Trinidad and Tobago, is TriniBago.com. IncludesAlternative Music scene, nightclubs, etc


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