What is Rootster?

Rootster started out as an extension of RootsWorld, the online magazine of world music. As it grew over the last five years, the number of request I got for links got out of control, and rather than publish another useless, long list of links to links to more links, I decided that to organize them all, I needed to learn to build a simple search engine. With the help of my friends at Futuris Networks, here it is!

I am not looking to make the largest search tool on the 'net. Others have tried and made a mess of it. Instead, my goal is to gather a few folks together and make a simple tool for discovering the wonderful, interesting and diverse cultural content scattered over the net, hidden in the average search engine amidst a sea of commerce and ultimately lost. You won't find everything on the net here, but I think what you do find will enlighten and surprise you.

Each link in Rootster has been checked to make sure there is a good reason for it. Some of them are commercial (a small record label, a little book shop, individual artists and poets with a painting or a book to sell), but most are purely informational, chosen for their artistic and editorial merit and interest, or because they offer some intelligent diversion from the Dot.Com of the 'net. If you know of a good read on the web, submit the link so I can add it to our database. That's how we grow.

Finally, you might ask, "Why all the banner ads?" Simply, like RootsWorld, this is a low-income project, edited by volunteers and paid for with the pennies (literally) that we make when you buy a CD at Amazon or visit a retailer's site from one of these banners. I try to keep them relevant to our content when I can. Over the long run this will pay the server fees and a bit of the cost of the office band-width. I wish we could do without them. Send us money and we could... or subscribe to RootsWorld and help defray our overall costs. Or just put up with the blinking banners, maybe click on one occasionally to put another penny in the coffers.

I hope you find this project useful, and can contribute to its growth in some small way. The 'net can still be about community, but we have to have a way to find each other. Hopefully, Rootster can be part of that.

Cliff Furnald

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